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染料敏化太陽能電池是一種易於生產且價格低廉的光伏設備,可以在家庭級別的工作室中製作。 但轉換效率仍然較低,難以達到商業化目的。 由於二氧化鈦層可以被圖形化高度定制,在這個實驗中,自己網版印製的染敏太陽能透過機器學習,被用作智能光傳感器以識別激光圖案,作為 audio visual 裝置目的。

在這項實驗的挑戰有兩個,一是在實驗室外製作具有被圖案化的電極的 600 x 300mm 的染敏電池,並保持一定的光電轉換率。第二是將染敏電池做為光學麥克風,並探索其在雷射音像藝術裝置中的應用。

Dye sensitized solar cell is an easy produced and cheap photovoltaic device can be made at home level studio. However the conversion efficiency is still low therefore it is hardly to reach the commercial purpose yet. Because the TiO2 layer can be highly customized graphically, in this experiment, the DIY DSSC is used as smart light sensor to recognize laser pattern by the aid of machine learning.

The challenges here are twofold. The first is to create a dye sensitized solar cell with patterned electrodes in size of 600 x 300mm at home level labratory, while maintaining workable conversion efficiency. Second, it is to use the cell as optical microphone and explore its application in laser audiovisual art installations.