GreenHouse Nangqen (on going)

This is an on going research project in Tibet, I joined this charity project since August 2018 with Wiriar Rattanansuwan, a climate engineer from Thailand. The project goal is to build a first self-manageable year-round solar greenhouse in Nangen which can resist -20Cº to -30Cº during November to February in Nangqen. The altitude of our site is 3,500 meters; the main task is to grow vegetable for a local elementary school “Tashi Gatsen”. The secondary task of this project is to create a common ground, facility for artist and local community. Right now we are finishing the construction and IoT design.

The first phase of the architecture design merges earth battery, pithouse, earthsheltered design to make a passive solar house. It is 2 meters deep and there’s a pipe with a small fan buried underground to circulate the cold air to warm air by the earth heat.

Unfortunately we only finished the 80% construction before my flight, I also didn’t install the Raspberry Pi to detect the temperature value successfully, but I was able to read the temperature value headlessly by ssh. The inside of the house is proximately 4 to 6 degrees warmer than outside. I think I will program the Raspberry Pi at home and then send it back to the greenhouse before February.

The phase two of the project will be taken place in March 2019, we are planning to build a bigger size of the greenhouse around the first one after we collect some data and usage experiences from the first greenhouse.

The purpose
I believe it is good to gather awareness for the situation of these remote areas by creating innovative project working with local community. The greenhouse comes with multi-tasks, It is originally expected to provide vegetable to the charity school in the future after few prototypes. I personally expect it could be a playground for both artist, makers to work together with the local community for artistic, scientific subjects, for example, art residency or a bio lab. The greenhouse is expected to be an educational channel for locals to engage to the modern society.

Project developers: Wiriya Rattanansuwan, Shih Wei Chieh
Project leader: Tsangsar Kunga Site land owner: Tsangsar Metok
Local coordinators: Tsangsar Tsueji, Tsangsar Mohji

my frozen smaile.
from airport to our site. final model.

project briefing and pre-design of the greehouse

Roof angle and house orientation: by the coordinates longitude: 32.8250 latitude: 97.1250, we got the sun azimuth angle around 79º, and our roof slope should be 23º. The greenhouse is facing to south with 11º degrees counterclockwise turned in order to get the maximun sun exposed.

OPV test, OPV provided by professor Meng Hsin Fei from NTSU, These OPV has relatively low walts, it will be used to power one fan for cold/warm air circulation. 

3D design of the greenhouse

process photos

weather data station by Raspberry Pi (library:

raised beds