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Special thanks to TeamVoid.


和韓國數位藝術團體TeamVOID在首爾合作的十天駐村計畫,由對方提供一臺Kuka iiwa 7 R800結合雷射掃描印染。這是我第一次測試Kuka,在十天中測試項目裡包括了1. 單軸最大面積動作、手臂與雷射投影即時同步、2. 單物件二軸定點交換等測試,4. 拼接影像於織品上,5. 270度鞋面打樣,整個鞋子印刷過程約為10分鐘。
It has been a long time I wanted to combine laser dye technique with robot arm, that's why I proposed this idea to teamVOID which I have known them from a hackathon event in Jeju Island in 2014, and that is how we started the first ever arm residency in teamVOID! TeamVoid provides one Kuka iiwa 7 R800 and the movement coding design, testings including: largest printing area with one-axis movement, real-time synchronization between arm coordinates and laser graphics, mapped laser images on textile, 270 orientation mapping on sneakers, the shoes printing process takes 10 minutes.