Hyper Perception

4 channels laser audiovisual projection, silk fabric, dezact

< 观>。有著多媒體設計背景的藝術家施惟捷,擅長透過傳統相機顯影及傳統染布印刷技術將數字資訊以不同媒材進行轉譯,近期他運用了數位空間定位系統、雷射顯影技術將二維圖像空間化來對宇宙系統及人類感知等議題進行討論,在作品中,現實圖像被解構,拆解成如0和1資訊的光子,每一秒資訊的重新排列構成了不同的靜態圖像,時間將一層層的資訊矩陣疊合便成為如同動畫般具描述性的連續空間事件。人類在宏觀的宇宙系統下僅能就微片段的對當下進行行為的對應,雖然宇宙秩序不間斷地被打破變動,但這依然僅是宏觀系統的超微小片段,看似不穩定的波動依然最終會回歸穩定,觀者對作品試圖的干擾,最終依然會逐漸回歸藝術家最初對於此作品的設定。- - 節錄自Dezact策展人陳平翔文字。
Shi Wei Chieh’s “The Higher Observation.” Shi Wei Chieh is a media artist who reinterprets digital information with traditional camera images and printing on dyed textiles. Recently, he used a digital positioning system to map a two-dimensional image space with laser image technology to initiate discussions on the cosmos and human perceptions. In The Higher Observation, real images were re-formed into photons shown as ones and zeros. Every second, statistic images are rearranged and constructed. Time piles up layers of information to show descriptive continuous spatial events like animations. Humans are only able to respond fragmentally to the present moment. Although the order of the cosmos has been continuously interrupted and changed, this is only a super- micro fragment in the macro-system. Unstable waves will become stable eventually. The interruption of the work by audiences will eventually return to the initial status of the work intended to be presented by the artist. - Chen Ping Shang, Curator of Hyper Perception.