Shih Wei Chieh


Having Friends in the Future 2021 - 3rd Nature Fiber Library

雷射染 Laser Dye x DetourHK 2020 @PMQ 元創方 

展覽專輯發行/如果時間是穿戴且折疊的|exhibition album If Time Was Wearable and Foldable
Winner of Reshape 19

Winner of Altaroma digital fabrication 2020

Recent Projects

laser dye

One of my main focus now is the laser dye project, which is an exploration of laser exposured alternative photography on nature fibres. I develop large cyanotype prints on fabric canvas.

e-textile, wearables

My other main focus is conductive material application in textiles, I explore the application of conductive fabric for making wearables, sensors, e-textiles

laser installation

I have been making laser installation with DIY laser machine and max/msp since 2011. Now I am trying to make a standalone laser projector by Axoloti.

Early stage projects
installation, sound devices.

Tribe Against Machine

Inspired by joining the e-Textile Summer Camp in Paillard, France, I started an annual 10-days international workshop program with some friends called Tribe Against Machine in Taiwan, brings art, technologies to meet the Taiwanese aboriginal textiles communities. Wa are now designing a nomadic residency program where artist, scientist and social engaged project can meet together.

Current Researches

Embroidered Circuits Wearables10 Tracks, 10 jackets, 1 album

The Mind of a Greenhouse

I am currently collaborating with a Tibetan community in Qinghai, China, to develop a greenhouse can resist low temperature in high altitude in order to provide year run vegetable for an orphanage. 

My latest work The Mind of A Greenhouse introduce this trip with a small installation mimic the shape of the greenhouse. The installation is made with DSSC technique. 

Machine learningThe Self-portrait Of Things is an experiment about how machine learning can participate with painters.

DSSC wearable I have been researching for this interesting photosensitive material since 2018, trying to apply conventional DSSC as sensors for motion classifier,  light sensor for music device.


Laser dye and max/msp workshop

I give workshops of laser cyanotype and DIY laser projectors, designing laser sonic motion in max/msp environment, basic knowlege for DSP process.