Shih Wei Chieh 是一位藝術家和研究員,從事電子紡織品、雷射技術和自學材料研究。他的「雷射染料計畫」引入了一種使用可編程雷射投影機和新氰版顯影的創新光學紡織品印花方法。在過去的幾年裡,他透過組織線上和線下活動,將新技術與傳統工藝結合。 他是「部落對抗機器」的創辦人之一,一個電子紡織品夏令營聯繫了台灣原住民紡織文化與電子紡織品應用。 他的目前研究是在DIY方法下在纖維和玻璃基底上製造太陽能電池。

Shih Wei Chieh is an artist and researcher specializing in e-textiles, laser technology, and self-taught material research. His "Laser Dye Project" introduces an innovative optical textile printing method using a programmable laser projector and a New Cyanotype solution. Over the past few years, he has connected new technology with traditional crafts through the organization of both online and physical events. Shih Wei Chieh played a central role and co-founded “Tribe Against Machine,” an e-textile camp that bridges indigenous textile culture with the application of e-textiles. His current research revolves around the development of DIY solar cells on glass and fiber substrates.