I am Very Happy
I Hope You are too

conductive threads, gold leaf foil, woods, cross stitch, arduino, lithium battery
photo: Taku Kazuya, Adafruit intro

I Am Very Happy I Hope You Are Too 是一件在墨西哥瓦哈卡的駐村中完成的作品,這是一個結合了傳統刺繡工藝、導電縫線和電子零件的穿戴裝置,作品的製作過程中也參與了當地朋友刺繡、木工以及金箔工法的幫助。I Am Very Happy I Hope You Are Too 亦是一項柔性電路板的開發實驗,最後我隨意將一則來自朋友的信息放入由刺繡製成的 LED 文字播放器中,做為紀念這趟旅行的一種方式。

I Am Very Happy I Hope You Are Too is a wearable device that combines traditional embroidery, conductive stitching, and electronic parts, made in a residency in Oaxaca, Mexico, with the help of local friends in embroidery, woodworking, and gold leaf work. a way to remember the trip.

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