A Series of Sound Studies

violinist: Pinti Chen 
electric waste, cassette, pianola, violinist Pinty Chen, Nan Hai Gallery, Taipei, 2009
Nan Hai Gallery, Taipei, 2009

這個表演是由兩個音樂家和一個裝置組成的,這個裝置是由四盒預先整理好的鋼琴聲音的磁帶,一個電動鋁製轉輪,一個沒有弦的木吉他,一個 100 mW的聚光燈,一個放大器,一個蒸飯鍋,一個太陽能板和我的鋼琴組成的,所有這些裝置組成一個聲音循環,每件裝置各自有不同長度的循環週期,所以聲音場景不斷變化,我和另一位小提琴手在這些部件的循環中進行交流和即興演奏。

The performance is made by two musician and one installation, the installation is made of four tape cassette with pre-recordered piano sound, one motorized aluminum turning weel, one acoustic guitar with no strings, one 100mW spot light, one apmplifier, one steam rice pot, one solar board and my pianola, all these collected parts make sound loop and they are all played at the same time, each of them have different loop period so the sound scenario is keep changing, me and the violinist "communicate" and improvise with those parts during their loop.