La Adelita

During the time Oct - Dec, 2013 after my art residency program in Oaxaca, Mexico, I was invited by Bandui Lab to design a LED poncho for an action figure which is a symbol of the event about women participate in war during the Mexico Revolution (1910-1920), this story is often told in corrido.

“The corrido is a popular narrative song and poetry that form a ballad. The songs are often about oppression, history, daily life for peasants, and other socially relevant topics. It is still a popular form today in Mexico and was widely popular during the Mexico Revolution of the 20th century. - Wiki.”

Bandui Lab art toy studio bases in Oaxaca, they visit several Aztec village and coach the villagers use existed skill to produce toys based on the local folk and legend, help them to open retail shop and organizing exhibitions from the project in downtown, the economic condition of those villages are usually difficult and this project helps them to have second career, Bandui Lab creates a "fair trade alike" condition to help out those village and build a relationship, social communication between village and the centre.

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