La Adelita

  作者在墨西哥瓦哈卡的藝術駐留項目之後的201310月至12月期間,作者被Bandui Lab邀請為行動人物設計一個LED批肩,這是墨西哥革命期間婦女參與戰爭事件的象徵( 1910-1920),這個故事經常在corrido中講述。“corrido是一首流行的敘事歌曲和詩歌,形成了民謠。這些歌曲通常是關於壓迫,歷史,農民的日常生活以及其他與社會相關的話題。它現在仍然是墨西哥的一種流行形式,在20世紀的墨西哥革命中廣受歡迎。Bandui Lab藝術玩具工作室位於瓦哈卡,他們參觀了幾個茲特克村和教練村民利用現有技能製作基於當地民俗和傳說的玩具,幫助他們在市中心開設零售店和組織展覽,經濟條件這些村莊通常很難,這個項目幫助他們進入第二職業,Bandui Lab創造了一個公平貿易的條件來幫助那些村莊,建立一種關係,村莊和中心之間的社會交流。

During the time Oct - Dec, 2013 after my art residency program in Oaxaca, Mexico, I was invited by Bandui Lab to design a LED poncho for an action figure which is a symbol of the event about women participate in war during the Mexico Revolution (1910-1920), this story is often told in corrido.

“The Corrido” is a popular narrative song and poetry that form a local ballad. The songs are often related to oppression, history, daily life for peasants, and other political relevant topics. It is still a popular form today in Mexico and was widely popular during the Mexico Revolution of the 20th century. - Wiki.”

Bandui Lab studio was based in Oaxaca, it visits Aztec villages in remote areas and coach the villagers to convert their own historical culture to art toys by the locals own skills by hosting workshop and training camp. It helps the villagers to establish retail shop and organizing exhibitions in the city centers. This project aims to find a symbiosis of artist and unused resources in remote areas.

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