I Am Very Happy
I Hope You Are Too 

LEDs, french stitches, fabric, electronix, photo: Taku Kazuya, Adafruit intro


"Taipei is fun as usual, hope you are having fun in mexico too, and growing in confidence and self recognition. when I think of us, I wonder and bewildered lots, but without nostalgia nor regret, I have smile on my face. see you sometime in the future hopefully maybe, if life will bring us face to face again, I am very happy I hope you are too"
“I Am Very Happy I Hope You Are Too” 是一件在墨西哥瓦哈卡的駐村作品,這是一個結合了傳統刺繡工藝、導電縫線和電子零件的穿戴裝置,亦是一項柔性電路板的開發實驗。一封來自我朋友的信被放入了面具上的LED文字播放器中;就如電子迴路被解構並被放入織品的圖紋中成為服裝的一部份,文字中的情緒也被同樣的邏輯轉化成為了大量且有秩序的閃爍。

“I Am Very Happy I Hope You Are Too” is an installation that involves traditional techniques and electronic materials, and is also an experiment with flexible circuits. It was made during an art residency program in Oaxaca, Mexico. A letter from a friend of mine sent this to me, then I put it in the LED texts on this mask, as if the circuit is deconstructed as part of the textile pattern, the emotion is as well transformed into big amount of LED flickers with order. More values are from the sociological aspect, the conductive threads act as the communication medium between artist and local traditional cultural workers, it also opens a window for the local weavers to get approach smart materials and programming technique.