Laser Dye 雷射染

cyanotype, laser projection, silk cotton

Laser Dye 是一個利用感光液體和雷射打樣於物件表面的研究:這個光學實驗啟發於傳統攝影印相法如氰版顯影、或凡戴克印相法等,利用近紫外光雷射讓在預塗在布面上的感光液反應;透過雷射光點移動速度的速度頻率,於天然織物如棉、麻、絲上留下具有階度的藍色顯影。和傳統印相法不同的是,省略了使用負片做為遮罩的過程,因此能製作相對較大的圖像,投影的特性則能在立體的表面印製圖像,雷射光班的大小和移動也讓手工藝品增加了數位製造的痕跡。這個計劃在2015年入選國際創客平台獎項YouFab Global Award。

A piece Inspired by the oldest alternative photography process "cyanotype":Laser dye is a study of photosensitive ink graphic patterning, sound data visualization on textile, by exploiting UV laser scanning and fabric pre-coated with photosensitive ink (cyanotype), it creates permanent cyanotype image on textiles and papers. Due to there's no requirement of negative film for the exposure in this process, it is able to create relatively larger image on slightly uneven surface, the size and the laser movement provide a digital feature within this hand made craftsmenship process. This project has won the selected work title of Youfab Global Award in 2015.