Laser Dye 雷射染

cyanotype, laser projection, silk cotton, organza


啟發自傳統的氰版顯影,「Laser Dye」是一個介於攝影和數位織品印花領域之間的混合項目,利用近似攝影曝光的原理在織品上留下永久的具有階度的藍色影像,成品質感結合了手工氰版顯影和數位雷射軌跡的特質。和傳統氰版顯影過程不同之處是省略了以負片作為遮罩的方式,改以雷射掃描的方式進行曝光的過程,因此投影面積不受限於負片面積,且能在脆弱、不規則表面的材料上成像。這個計畫在2015被東京Youfab選國際創客獎項Youfab Global Award、並在2018年被Youfab收錄為歷屆前五十名作品。

A piece Inspired by the oldest alternative photography process "cyanotype":Laser dye is a study of alternative photography process on textile, by exploiting UV laser scanning and fabric pre-coated with photosensitive ink (cyanotype), it creates permanent cyanotype image on textiles and papers. Due to there's no requirement of negative film for the exposure in this process, it is able to create relatively larger image on slightly uneven surface, the size and the laser movement provide a digital feature within this hand made craftsmenship process. This project has won the selected work title of Youfab Global Award in 2015, and has been selected as the top 50 selected work of Youfab.