Laser Dye Project 雷射染計劃

Laser dye Project 雷射染


本項目獲得 Youfab 2015 國際競賽的入選作品,並在2018被選為Youfab歷年前50名作品。亦獲得了 Reshape 19 一等獎和 2020 年在 Altaroma 舉行的羅馬時裝週中的數位製造獎。 這是在另一個雷射染計劃「如果時間是可以穿戴且折疊的」中與服裝設計師陳翊羽的合作結果,陳翊羽設計了具方形特殊版型的服裝,將雷射染的光學特性實驗性的表現在具摺紙結構的紡織品上。

This project connects alternative photography and code art by creating cyanotype image on garment and textiles by maskless laser exposure. Cyanotype image can be formed on garments made with natural fibres by a DIY laser machine. This maskless optical exposure process also brings the possibilities to produce large prints on sewed garments, fragile substrates and slightly uneven surfaces.

This project has won the selected work title of Youfab Global Award in 2015, and has been selected as the top 50 selected work of Youfab, top 10 selected works of Reshape 2019. It also won the first prize of Reshape 19 and a digital fabrication prize of Rome Fashion Week in Altaroma 2020, presentec by Fondazione Mondo Digitale. It was another laser dye project “If Time Was Wearable and Foldable”, collaborated with a fashion designer Yiyu Chen and photographer Bo-Lin Lo. Yiyu Chen designed the garment with a special pattern in square shape, to experiment with the optical property of laser dye which is able to print on textile with origami alike structure.

與陳翊羽的合作 2018 -

The collaboration with Yiyu Chen 2018-

Prototypes made with Kuka iiwa 7 2018 

Special thanks to TeamVoid 2018

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和韓國數位藝術團體 TeamVOID 在首爾合作的十天駐村中,測試了同步 Kuka iiwa 7 R800手臂和雷射掃描印染。測試項目包括 1. 單軸最大面積動作、手臂與雷射投影即時同步、2. 單物件二軸定點交換等測試,4. 拼接影像於織品上,5. 270度鞋面打樣,整個鞋子印刷過程約為10分鐘。
This prototype made with Kuka iiwa 7 R800 which is provided by teamVoid. testings including: largest printing area with one-axis movement, real-time synchronization between arm coordinates and laser graphics, mapped laser images on textile, 270 orientation mapping on sneakers, the shoes printing process takes 10 minutes.

Laser Dye exhibition at NTCRI - If Time was Wearable and foldable 2019/2020