10 tracks, 10 jackets, 1 album

計劃大綱 Project Overview

今年將和Fabecafe Taipei合作,以我之前舊的作品「I Am Very Happy I Hope You Are Too」中的技法為基礎,將利用Tajima工業電繡機將之前用手縫十字繡的電路轉為電繡。電繡也會嘗試縫製用PDMS矽膠製作的柔性電路於織物上。這個新的計畫將製作十件衣服,每件服裝版型由一套電子合成樂器電路轉化的電繡設計構成,由十首電子樂曲,十套服裝,一張專輯的概念進行本穿戴計劃。

With Fabcafe Taipei this year, we are trying to convert part of the result of my old project: I Am Very Happy I Hope You Are Too to machine embroidered circuit by a Tajima indrustrial embroidery mac

hine Sai
. The idea is to make 10 synthesizer tracks by producing 10 single board circuits, and then convert them into 10 jackets. Part of the flexible circuit will be made with PDMS. I want to try to test if the PDMS circuit can be sewable by the Tajima machine.The hand cross-stitched circuit method I used in Two Masks in the work “I AM Very Happy I Hope You Are Too” was firstly introuced on Adafruit once in 2014.

早期原型:十字繡、編織的LED掃描矩陣 Early prototypes: LED multiplexing circuit by cross stitches, woven scanning matrix

電路版與服裝結合方案 Solutions for assambling FR4 on garments.

3d printed FR4 holder

Tajima測試樣本 Tajima test results

the conductive yarn was covered by non conductive stitches 

服裝設計版型參考 Reference of garment pattern design (garment by Yiyu Chen)

Lushproject 單面版電路設計參考 Lushproject: single board circuit design

音樂性概念:培林噪聲、白噪聲、粉紅噪聲、碎型噪聲 musical concept : noise generator, perlin noise, white noise, pink noise, fractal noise

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